ग्रामीण सामुदायिक संस्था विकास

Rural Institution for Community Development

  • Mother and Child Nutrition Survey Report 2016/17

    Survey on mother and child nutrition health conducted in 2016 and 2017. The detail report is available here.

  • Semi Annual Progress Report of Earthquake Response Project 2017-18

    Semi Annual progress Report of Earthquake Response Project Year 2 (September 2017-February 2018).

  • Annual Report of IMCN-RV 2017-18

    Annual Progress Report of Improving Mother and Child Nutrition Project in Rural Village of Lalitpur (IMCN-RV) March 2017-February 2018.

  • Nutrition Bridge Project Annual Report-2016

    Improving Mother and Child Nutrition Bridge Project (IMCNBP)Annual report (1 January- 31 December 2016)

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Ramhari Ghimire

Executive Director

Welcome to the official website and media hub for RICOD
RICOD has made tremendous strides over the past 22 years in terms of growth, both financially and in the number of funds it manages, numerous collaborations with other nonprofits and charitable organizations, as well as beneficial partnerships to ensure that the needs of the community are met. We will continue to strive to achieve new milestones and extend our reach throughout the region and beyond.
In this fast-paced, technologically advanced age, we are striving to create an atmosphere of transparency and communication, which will help to render a more robust relationship by and between our entire community. One way we feel helps us to reach this goal, is by creating this new, interactive website. In the coming months, we will be adding other advancements to achieve this goal. By engaging in community outreach programs, and supporting all those who align with our philosophies, we feel we can make a positive difference in the lives of people who need this most.