• I am Bibi Maya Ghalan, a widow since last 9 years with three daughters out of which two daughters are married and I am living with my ten year old daughter, in Konjyosom – 4, Nallu, Hattirdada.
  • I knew about RICOD projects from a long time ago due to various health and nutrition projects carried out in Nallu. I came to know that I was selected as beneficiary for top up support from the meeting of Ward Citizen Forum and political members of the VDC at that time and this is how I got involved with RICOD’s Earthquake Response Project.

  • My house was majorly damaged from the earthquake but I was still living in the dangerously damaged home for around two years due to my poor financial condition. I was waiting for the subsidy from Nepal Government but because of my illiteracy I had hard time understanding the procedure, papers works, bank procedures and other formalities made by the government. The Peer Educator of my ward from RICOD helped me to understand and get through the procedures to get the subsidy. The government subsidy was not enough for my house construction; but the EQ Response Project Staffs constantly encouraged me to start building home as they would provide technical support from time to time along with financial/top up support as per their project plan. I was supported with 43 hundred bricks as top up support which helped me to complete my new home along with that I also got technical support for reconstruction and agricultural training, seed and material support for livelihood improvement.

  • I am happy with all the support I received from RICOD and I have plan to utilize the plastic tunnel and seeds for off seasonal tomato farming to increase my income in days to come.